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Video Journal 1.4 – Letting Go of Mom


Video Journal 1.4, “Letting Go of Mom” is Charley’s response to an online video chat she had with her Father, David Parker Ph.D. the day before. In the chat, he revealed that he believes he has found love in England. Since his wife, her mother, died 17 years ago, he dated but had dedicated his passion to his work as an economist. Charley had never heard his father reveal those feelings about any other women except her mother.

It isn’t easy for Charley to digest this news but she realizes she has to move on.

The idea of doing the journal under a blanket was conceived by our lead actress Naima Ramos-Chapman because logistics wouldn’t allow us to shoot it at the hotel. However the blanket served us well visually in creating a more private space for the character to talk about this emotional moment in her life

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