No strings...except the yarn.

Production Begins!


Yesterday marked our inaugural shoot for No Strings, Please. We kept the first day simple with one location so that we could feel out the process and, in a way get to know each other on the project. Everything went quite well as far as first days go—no fighting, no equipment missing and we even applauded after calling it a wrap.

Working with new people is a difficult process in itself so adding the complexities of film production in the mix and I’d say, we did just fine. You could already see that the crew and cast were about the business of the project so that was a sign that No Strings, Please has a chance of being successfully executed.

Our lead actress, Naima Ramos-Chapman, was new to dramatic film projects but she seemed to warm up quick to the idea of a camera pointed at her and a group of people watching her every move. We were lucky to have a Ann Turino, an experienced actress working along side Naima to help the process along as well. These first two scenes were some of the lightest and most comedic of the series and Ann’s experience really made the moments work.

Well, that’s half of Episode #1 in the can. We hope you enjoy what took place on that magical day.


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