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Episode #9 – Mind Blowing


Charley is in her fifth therapy session with Dr. Riley as played by Clayton LeBouef. They have made some progress. At the close of the fifth session, Dr. Riley invites Charley out for a game of billiards and drinks. While out playing billiards Charley’s tattoo catches the attention of someone that’s been looking for her.

This was a difficult episode to produce. We were on a tight schedule and our lead actress fell ill right before a jam packed production weekend. We fed her medication and food…and we got it done. This was one of those episodes where the crew truly pulled together and made a difficult situation easier to handle. All three scenes were shot on different weekends so also getting wardrobe and looks right was a major challenge.

We were also greatly appreciative of Bomani Armah’s contribution to the music. He did the score and also allowed us to use his single, “Late Shift” during the billiards scene. Also, we needed to shoot the opening crocheting scene and the multi-talented Erin Cumbo came by the studio and made it happen. She was a “hand-stand-in” for Naima, and it worked perfectly.

We’re almost done with Season 1! Please help us get a season two my donating to our project and thanks ahead of time.

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