No strings...except the yarn.

Episode #8 – Beautiful Crutch


The robbery is done. The Thief is no longer around. Charley is moving on.

She hasn’t been in touch with her best friend Kit since leaving New York. She’s been trying to make it in DC on her own and establish a new independence. She has known Kit since the first grade and they have been like sisters taking on the challenges of childhood all the way to adulthood. From karate to dance and even the debate team, they were usually at the top at anything they endeavored.

Charley replaces her iPhone and finally decides to reach out to Kit played by Pei Pei Lin. This phone conversation reveals Kit’s plans to come to DC the following week. When she arrives they talk about Charley’s adventures in her new city.

This episode was the easiest to produce in terms of days shooting. Getting all the furniture up to 5th floor of the building we shot at in Baltimore is another story…because the elevator was out. Aside from that, once the camera was rolling, it worked out rather well. Pei Pei Lin proved to be a great compliment to the production and her experience really made it work.

We are also happy to include an original song, “Mr. Pickles” by by: Resident Corporate Administrators featuring Indigo 39 (vocals), Tim Reaper (guitar),  Braun Mark (drums). Indigo 39 is our very own Majeedah Johnson who also serves as a producer, set designer and writer on the project.

We hope you enjoy it!


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