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Episode #5 – My Effin’ Job


So why did Charley travel 230 miles down 95 to jumpstart her life? To become gainfully employed of course.

Here in Episode #4, “My Effin’ Job”, we peek into Charley’s world inside and around the cubicle. She’s performing very well at her new job as an analyst. She now works at a slightly right leaning think tank, one which her father doesn’t take kindly to but she’s got a job to do.

This Episode took a couple trips to Studio 202 to produce. It took quite a bit of resources and time to make this episode happen but with a great coordinated effort we got it done. Shout out to a fantastic crew and dynamic cast on this episode. Folks really hung in there on this difficult episode.

Director Gemal Woods also added some whiteboard-animations to help with the transitions and to add some visual excitement to the episode.

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