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Episode #4 – Never Judge a Book


Never judge a book by its cover.

Charley drifts off into a light nap at her cubicle during her lunch-break at work. She has a “comic book styled” daydream as Ultimate Charley. Some random thugs attempt to attack Charley and she disposes of them efficiently. Once she conquers her comic-foes her real life”adversary”, Sean Cook makes an appearance in that dream.

Once she awakens, she then ventures off for the remainder of her lunch-break to get some tea and to read a “self-help” book, “Power, Purpose, Providence”. Along her journey of reading and sipping, she bumps into a very Mysterious Homeless Man. He shares some advice and they exchange gifts.

The Mysterious Homeless Man gives Charley a tattered briefcase and tells her not to open it unless her back is against the wall. He also tells her the combination to open the case is “…one and the same”. At the time, Charley has no idea what that means. She proceeds to give him a scarf that she made for her mother but never got the chance to. Her mother was killed before she could give it to her.

Episode 4 was a challenging episode, from the late idea around the inclusion of illustration/animation to coordinating the Mysterious Homeless Man scene. Timing and logistics seem to plague the episode, but through hard work and dedication, it was finished. Big Shout to Majeedah Johnson and Alison Carney on pulling off the eclectic look of “The Mysterious Homeless Man” played by Raseek Ohal. We hope you enjoy it!

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