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Episode #2 – Welcome to DC


So we’ve gotten through a successful launch with  Episode 1, “Goodbye Brooklyn”, and now we are pleased to present Episode 2, “Welcome to DC”.

This episode took the longest of all the episodes to produce. The crew spent a couple of days traveling around the city to capture the visual essence of Washington DC. The Metro shots were especially challenging. We spent many nights of trying to get elements of the chase scene right, and we had a nearly disastrous attempt to shoot the “alleyway confrontation” scene—with bulbs blowing, police telling us to remove a much needed fence out of the road, P2 cards full–and…well, we eventually finished the episode.

Episode 2 takes a crazy turn that might make some folks feel uncomfortable, but that’s what No Strings, Please might do from time to time. It was written in the spirit of contemporary cable shows—but on a very small budget, if you can call it a “budget.”

Charley spends the day exploring Washington, DC on foot, bus and train. Always curious, she observes and sketches along the way. Little does she know, she’s being stalked along the tail end of her journey and the ensuing confrontation takes an unexpected turn.

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