No strings...except the yarn.

Charley Video Chats With Her Father


We decided to add some dynamic content to the series while also introducing a critical character in Season 1 of No Strings, Please. Charley Parker’s father, Dr. David Parker is the remaining parent in Charley’s life since her mother was killed in a hit and run accident on the streets of Brooklyn when she was 6 years old.

Dr. Parker is an economist and professor now living in England. He took the post a year prior to our timeline and him leaving Brooklyn and the US was in part the impetus for Charley to leave her native Brooklyn.

They have a somewhat academic relationship since the passing of her mother, his wife. It was such a traumatic lose, one that the both of them never really recovered from. Since he’s been in England they’ve been communicating via video chat at least once a week.

Check out this video chat, where he reveals his love for a woman he met in the London Underground.

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