No strings...except the yarn.


No Strings, Please follows the exploits and misadventures of Charley Parker, a young Brooklynite who’s relocated to Washington, DC for her first real job. Even with a recent grad degree, Charley struggles with finding her purpose in life. Charley’s not sure about a lot of things, including keeping a steady job. Instead, Charley, a skilled crocheter and martial artist, ventures into new territory with a curious appetite for online trysts and criminal behavior. Confronted with resolving grief of her deceased mother, a father who’s moved on and a new life, Charley is hoping to emerge transformed and ultimately untangled in No Strings, Please.

No Strings, Please is a 10-Episode dark drama-comedy web series that will take you on a roller coaster ride of scenarios. In addition to the Episodes are Charley’s “private” video journals. These reflective video journals will be released between Episodes and will help the audience better understand what’s going in Charley’s mind.

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